How to Choose and Install the Right Uninterruptible Power Supply System for Your Home

Posted on: 21 March 2023

If you've ever experienced a power outage, then you know how important it is to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system in your home. A UPS system can keep your lights on, your appliances running, and your electronics powered during even the most unexpected of outages. But how do you ensure that you choose the right one for your home? Keep reading for all the details on what to look for when choosing and installing a UPS system.
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Top Signs Multi-Mode Fibre Optic Cables Are Your Best Choice

Posted on: 25 February 2022

You might have heard about fibre optic cables. For example, your internet service provider might have advertised that they use fibre optic cables, or you might have talked to someone about having fibre optic cables installed for telecommunications purposes in your home or business. However, you may not know that there are actually two types of fibre optic cables that are commonly used for telecommunications and other purposes: single-mode and multi-mode.
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3 Considerations for Beginners When Choosing Server Racks

Posted on: 27 May 2020

If your organisation has a data room or data centre, then you need to think about server racks, which secure all electronic components. Racks are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on space availability. The ultimate goal when buying server racks is to increase server room efficiency while optimising the available space. Here is a guide for beginners when choosing server racks. Cooling System In a server system, airflow efficiency aids in minimising energy costs while keeping all electronic components in optimal shape.
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Different Ways in Which Automation That Can Enhance Productivity

Posted on: 3 July 2019

Increasing productivity while reducing costs is the main objective of any business or organization. This is why many business owners have resolved to automate some of their business processes. Automating processes and tasks within your organization gives you and your employees ample time to put more focus on core business processes. It also helps you predictably and reliably carry out some of the common activities within your organization. Below are different ways in which automation can improve production.
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